Stevenson Ranch

Stevenson Ranch,
Santa Clarita Valley,

Homeowners together to dissolve the Stevenson Ranch HOA

There are stories upon stories about how homeowners have been continually harassed by the HOA and its Management Company. The recent increase in weekly inspections and complaint notices, are only happening by the management company to justify their own existence. Harassing threat letters being mailed to many homeowners, containing more verbiage of threats than actual CC&R violations. I think it is time for the homeowners to band together and vote to abolish the Stevenson Ranch Home Owners Association. All of HOA's harassment and silly rules have NOT resulted in any increase in my house's value. When I have told people, that I live here in the ranch, their comments are usually related to their lack of desire to buy a house here with an HOA like it is. This reputation makes it even harder to find anyone who would want to buy my house and sign up for this headache.

I guess our multiple fee increases over the last few years has gone to something, an increase in petty violation letters.

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